Sunday, November 05, 2006

BRAVEHEART: A Movie To Watch

Have you seen a movie where COURAGE and COURAGEOUS people are immortalized? Immortalized, in the sense that almost everybody enjoyed them and even watched them a hundred times! YES, plenty of them! But among those valiant stories I’ve seen, BRAVEHEART undoubtedly catches my heart and soul! It struck me from every angle! I love the story… and even the characters! I like the way Mel Gibson, (also from The Patriot! --> a soldier with iron fist and a father with a golden heart…) as William Wallace, cries “FREEDOM!!!”. I felt like there’s a magnet around me and my hair stands terribly! And for a moment, my heart stops from throbbing…

SYNOPSIS: Gibson directs and stars in this Academy Award-winning epic based on the life of legendary thirteenth century Scottish hero William Wallace. Returning to his homeland following the death of an heirless king, Wallace (Mel Gibson) finds the political landscape precarious. Edward the Longshanks, King of England (Patrick McGoohan), has captured Scotland's throne and threatens the freedom of all Scottish people, as tyrannical policies instituted by the English plague the Scots. Initially, Wallace is content to stand by the wayside, yearning for the simple life of building a home and raising a family. However, when the woman he loves (Catherine McCormack) suffers a cruel fate at the hands of English soldiers, Wallace takes a stand against the new rule. With his fierce patriotism and determination, he gathers an amateur but passionately rebellious army. Although this makeshift force may be outnumbered by the English troops, their desperation and love for their land surpass any military maneuvers, as evidenced in the film's breathtaking battle sequences.